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What I seek in my work is spirit, essence, the very life of life. The human figure is a landscape, and one is humbled by the subtleties and grandeur of that landscape. A slight change in line or tone can alter completely the aspect of a face or figure. Approach from a new angle or alter the light source and a wholly new image arises. Over time I have learned to see in new ways. As images grow out of canvas or paper, nuances of spirit are revealed. We are, each of us, attuned to these nuances. Subliminally, ineffably we connect on those levels. Our response to one another or an image may be powerful. This is what I hope to capture in my painting through technique or accident, to go beyond the surface, to look with mystery, awe.

Drawing has been for me a path to self-knowledge. It is said, that if you want to understand your subject, draw it. I have found my own story reflected in the images of others. Drawing required a new way of looking at the world. My perspective has shifted again with the use of color. A black and white image exposes character. Color and light breathe life into it. In my painting, I now have an opportunity to explore the beauty of color and the power of light.


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